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Submitted on
January 19, 2013
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Recipe for Writing a Novel

Serves: 1. If you’re J K Rowling, billions.


- 1 Tin standard cat food
- 1 Laptop/Computer
- 250g cat biscuits
- Paper
- 5 Pens, various colours.
- 1 stuffed cat toy with bell
- 1 pouch slightly fussier cat food
- 1 sachet gourmet cat food
- 1 bottle of wine, red or white
- 1 Wine glass (Large)
- 1 300g Tin of tuna

Cooking time: 2-5 years


(Preparation time approximately 10-60 minutes depending on condition of desk and computer speed)

1. Clear space on desk. If you do not have respective space for junk, throw on floor. Place paper and pens in clear space.

2. Turn on computer and allow 10 minutes for slow loading time. Add 2-3 sighs as windows update informs to restart computer. Restart computer and allow a further 10 minutes.

3. Once computer is ready, open up new document.



1. Begin with your plot. Open internet to several pages, use pens and paper to mix results into a basic plot.

2. Ignore cat entering the catflap.

3. Devise main character. Make sure his / her / its name is original (not Harry, Frodo, Darcy, Alice, Edward, Bella, Mr Gray, Tigger, Pooh or Piglet), so that he / she / it will be uniquely endeared to your readers and the world. Add hair colour to taste.

4. Open tin of cat food and place on floor. Ignore unimpressed cat and return to desk.

5. Devise secondary characters.

6. Ignore leg rubbing from purring cat.

7. Pick cat up and give a short amount of attention before placing on the floor.

8. Throw away rejected standard cat food. Pour in 200g of dried cat biscuits. Cat will look threatening “If you feed me that crap I’ll go throw it up on your bed later”. Remove biscuits and replace with slightly fussier cat food. Return to desk.

9. You should now be ready to make use of word processor. Ensure keyboard is connected. Carefully write opening paragraph, folding in creative adjectives.

10. Turn 180 degrees to see cat has found the stuffed toy with bell. Admire his cute forte and allow 10 minutes to play with him. Cat will eventually lose interest and walk away. Return to desk.

11. Use notes made in step 1 to start first chapter. Add main character.

12. Throw away slightly fussier cat food and replace with gourmet cat food. Watch cat’s suspicion as he sniffs his bowl and allow rejoice when he starts to eat. Return to desk.

13. Repeat step 11. Your first chapter should now have been completed. Do not overcook. 

14. Cat will leap up on desk. Remove cat from desk. 

15. Repeat step fourteen.

16. Repeat step fourteen.

17. Take note that during cat’s desk adventure he has managed to shut down document. This recipe did not remind to save work at regular intervals; therefore entire chapter is lost. Add swearing to taste.

18. Turn off computer. Pour large glass of wine and slump on sofa. It’s too late to cook dinner, use the tin of tuna. Be joined on sofa by hungry looking cat that will eat the tuna. Drink wine and turn on television.

19. By this point, cat will have fallen asleep. Sofa will stink of tuna. Give up writing epic novel for another day. Blame cat.

I was playing with my deviant storage earlier and found this piece from 2007 which made me smile. Cue cutting it down from 2000 words to just 559 and rewriting it to make it sound more like a recipe, I hope you find it funny.
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Given 2013-02-24
From the suggester:"Anyone who's ever tried to juggle novel-writing with cat ownership will be able to relate" to Gourmet Novel Recipe by ^Beccalicious. ( Suggested by DamonWakes and Featured by neurotype )
BerylAlexandros Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014
autumnlit Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013
:blackrose: Your excellent prose has been featured here:
aphid777 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
This is just brilliant :D
Musclepumpin2 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013  Student General Artist
haha fab :p
nounou22 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013
Amazing! "blame cat" is the best part :laughing:
Cats are huge attention seekers, they want to be the protagonists of every story=D
dasherella Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Oh this is fantastic! :) Love it!!
xlntwtch Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2013   Writer
My kid has four rescue cats, only one of which I 'know' well, the oldest. That cat always knows me too, no matter how long we've been separate. I can't enter my kid's place without first greeting that cat, with his huge Maine-Coon-type self appearing from nowhere, his tail at that "happy tail" hello. The others all look alike to me, but they get friendly too. Your piece reminds me how fussy and wonderful cats can be, (and to hit "save" on the 'puter when I write at my kid's place). You made it funny and to the point. Succinct. Thank you. :+fav:
pitterpaws Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
The truth in this. My cat instead types them for me when i get, i come back to
"blablah acndycggdfugdfsbsdfydbd ynd"
Beccalicious Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013   Writer
Sounds like an award winning novel to me :D
pitterpaws Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Totally xD I had to write something for school once, and my cat wrote for me and i didn't notice and when i got it back, the teacher had marked it and said " I'm assuming you own a cat"
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