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August 5, 2012
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:new: 30/08/12: Almost ready to launch! Alongside this month, GrimFace242 is conducting a series of cheeky lit interviews for Art History, so keep an eye out for what he uncovers! 

There are still lots of slots for people to submit articles too! Don't forget, we can have more than one article on the same day! Please get those proposals in! Who is your favourite author? What Book/Poem has had the most influence on you? Bring it on!

24/08/12: Hey guys, we're still looking to fill this up nice and meaty! Don't forget, the articles don't have to be as in depth as some of you are thinking and can be about specific authors, styles or even something different such as interviews or chat event (get your lit group involved!). 

If you're not sure about your idea, please still send it in, we have a wonderful crack commando unit who are helping for crimes they didn't commit in the backroom. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, you can use this team! :D

Also, those whose articles have been accepted will have found themselves being invited to ArtHistoryProject as contributors. This is so you can submit your article as a journal through this group :la:

18/08/12 We've had an "ok" response so far for this, but we'd really like to encourage more of you to get involved! This is a community project for the whole of literature and we'd love to see more people volunteer to submit! Please send your notes in soon! :eager:

Hello all

Throughout the month of September, CRLiterature is teaming up with the CR-led ArtHistoryProject in a month of exciting articles and events to discuss the history of literature!

The idea of this project is to educate, inform and share interest in areas of art that perhaps are not considered at the forefront of creation, but actually influence and shape the way we look at art today. Literature is rich in its history; from early hieroglyphics to the art of storytelling and even to modern times with the influences of e-publishing and the future. It is vast and interesting, and we know that within the community a little bit of information and education can go far!

During the month of September, ArtHistoryProject is looking for focus on literature. Now thorns and I can’t do this ourselves- our own knowledge isn’t wide enough ( and we’re writers who want to learn to!). Therefore this project is open to the whole literature community- it is not limited to the volunteers! (phew!). Throughout the month, we want to create a series of articles (1-2 a day) on various areas of literature, with those wanting to get involved writing those articles. Every article will be shared in galleries in  CRLiterature & ArtHistoryProject and we hope that even if you are not interested in writing an article, you are involved by following and supporting/faving them.

Some ideas for articles we have come up with so far are listed below. This list is not exclusive and if one of them interest you then feel free to take it. This is to give you an example of the kind of things we are looking for:

:bulletpurple: History of Eastern Poetry
:bulletpurple:  Shakespeare (Possibly further into the history of scriptwriting, not just Billy Shakes)
:bulletpurple:  Tolkienism and Fantasy Writing (Maybe a history of fantasy literature)
:bulletpurple:  Re-visualised Legends (i.e. Arthurian)
:bulletpurple:  Literature influences in TV and Film (i.e. Game of Thrones, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)
:bulletpurple:  Modern fiction- bigger than pop music? (i.e. Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger games)
:bulletpurple:  History of literature in certain countries
:bulletpurple:  Contemporary Poetry
:bulletpurple:  History of the flash fiction
:bulletpurple:  Science fiction History from the 19th Century (i.e. HG Wells)
:bulletpurple:  Erotica and where it fits in literature.
:bulletpurple:  Early stories and travelling storytellers
:bulletpurple:  Religion and Literature
:bulletpurple:  Slam poetry and performance pieces. (:devjswebb: has an auditory blog on tumblr: [link])
:bulletpurple:  Romanticism
:bulletpurple:  Flash Fiction
:bulletpurple:  Publishing, E-reading and the future?
:bulletpurple:  Alternative Literature
:bulletpurple:  Collaborative Literature
:bulletpurple:  The Future of Literature: Asemic Writing and Postliterature
:bulletpurple:  Found Poetry
:bulletpurple:  Surrealist Poetry (Flarf Poetry, Spoetry, Spam Literature, etc.)
:bulletpurple:  Oral traditions
:bulletpurple:  Evolution of the English dictionary
:bulletpurple:  Grimm and other fairy tales (could tie into literature influences on TV/films)
:bulletpurple:  The Bible - its influence on English literature
:bulletpurple:  Handwriting - a thing of the past?
:bulletpurple:  Six Word Stories
:bulletpurple:  Spoken Literature (Modern)

This is awesome- I want to write an article!

If you would like to write an article, check out the below list. This is every single day in September and if you are interested, we would like you to propose the article you would like to write and choose a day in September to post it. If two articles have already been allocated to this day, you will need to pick another day.

Once you have decided what to write, please send a note to CRLiterature with your proposal. This needs to be a straightforward proposal and not a full draft of your article. Please include the following:

1. The title of your article

2. Brief overview of the area you wish to discuss

3. Preferred date to submit article (please put a second if that slot is taken up)

Once submitted, we will review and confirm your date for your article. If there is someone writing a similar article already, we will suggest that you collaborate with this person so you’re not writing the same information twice. We will accept most proposals as long as they are suitable, but we may suggest pointers and directions to help you. We will only reject inappropriate articles (i.e. don’t send in a proposal about the history of Nikon cameras!)

In terms of writing the actual article

Once a date is agreed, we will expect the article to be ready for that day. It would be advised you start drafting your article as soon as possible; perhaps asking peers to review it if you wish. As we are the literature community, we would love to ensure all articles have good quality writing about them and the basics such as spelling and grammar have been considered. Don’t forget your target audience is the rest of the community, not just literature but anyone who may be interested.

As enthusiastic as you may be about your subject, remember to consider the length of your article too! If it is long, break it up with pictures (invest in the visual art of dA!) and try to keep the subject to the point. If you do want to expand your article, consider including links and further information as part of the article- don’t overload your reader with too much information.

Please, don’t just copy and paste information from Wikipedia. Feel free to use it as a resource, but if we wanted to read Wikipedia, we’d just visit Wikipedia :)

Don’t forget, you can make your article interactive! Pose questions for the reader, maybe even offer a writing challenge or prompt or even for feedback at the end of the article. This is a great way to get everyone involved and interactive with the project!

Submitting your Article

Please post your piece as a deviation either via the normal submit or via (There is actually a nonfiction article gallery which this could go in, or submit as news/journal deviation). There will be group galleries set up both in CRLiterature and ArtHistoryProject for this month, which you will be allowed to submit to. Please note these will need an admin vote before they will be accepted (to stop other things getting loose in there!).

We will have a central journal which we will update daily with links to the articles. 

(NB. This may be subject to change, but if this does happen, we shall inform you all! )

Current Articles allocated

Format is Date, Title, Author. All dates are in September. Two articles limit per day

1st- Introduction to Literature Art History Beccalicious

2ndChildren's Literature, Morality and Changing Ideals ThornyEnglishRose
2nd Chat event in #CRLiterature: The Literature Quiz! Beccalicious

3rd The Tales of Beatrix Potter Kaz-D

4th- Children's literature from beginning to 1900 ATrue

5thThe Bible and its Influence on Literature JinjooHat

6thThe Visual Novel: Video Games as a Literary Form SilverInkblot

7th- Writing a Pantomime Beccalicious


9th- Six word stories & microfiction 3wyl

10thLiterature's Influence: the Evolution of Intellectual Hip Hop Nichrysalis

11thFan-fiction and its' Affect on Writing doodlerTM

12th- Modern Metre :devanapest-and-ink:


14thLiterary Magic Realism Talty

15thErotica: Elegant and Racy Literature or Glorified Porn Scripts? GalaxyGoddess

16thGreek Tragedy and the Concept of Fate Lyricanna


18thFound Poetry and Black Out Poetry: Tips, Tricks, and How To's DrippingWords

19thA Look at Journalism from a Staff Reporter's Experience xlntwtch

20thA Romantic Takeover GrimFace242

21stThe History and Evolution of Vampires in Literature WTFgirl


23rdIsaac Asimov Talty

24thTricksters in Mythology and Folklore BloodrainFireDawn

25thTricksters in Folktales and Fables BloodrainFireDawn

26thShakespearean Tricksters BloodrainFireDawn

27thTricksters in Fantasy Literature BloodrainFireDawn

28thTricksters in Modern Literature BloodrainFireDawn

28th American Realism and Naturalism  Creativity-Squared

29thA Fantastical Journey: Charting the Course of Fantasy Literature from the Victorians until Today LadyBrookeCelebwen

30thePublishing, the final literature frontier? mirz-alt & Ravenswd

Useful Information

:bulletblue: Be realistic about your knowledge- don’t feel you have to write an article to be involved with this project (we want interaction too!).

:bulletpink: Spread the word! Although we’re encouraging the literature community to become members of this group, we know we’re only reaching a few hundred users, when there are a good few thousand, if not million writers out there. A mention in your journal, or invite via note to friends is a great way to get the message out there and we’d love to see more people involved!

:bulletblue: In the event of someone missing their day, they will be allowed to resubmit in the next available slot. This may not be the next day if 2 articles have already been allocated.

:bulletpink: If we get a surge of response, we may open to 3 articles a day- but that would be 90 articles in a month, which may be unrealistic! :D

:bulletblue: You may write more than one article if you like.

:bulletpink: Don’t forget to favourite this article and also check out the other awesome articles already at ArtHistoryProject!

We really hope you all get involved in this month, it has the potential to be an awesome community project, but we can’t do it without you guys joining in and making the most of it!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask in the comments of this article!

Come join the literature community for a month long project on the history of our art form! (updated 30/08/12)
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Memnalar Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012
I wish I had more time. You guys are badass for this.
AnyLuck Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012
This seems like an interesting collection of articles.

I noticed a typo in Fan-fiction and its' Affect on Writing. It should be 'effect', unless, of course, the article is about Spinoza.
BloodrainFireDawn Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2012   Writer
Are we supposed to have been invited as contributors to #ArtHistoryProject by now? Because I haven't gotten a notice or invitation or anything in my inbox. Just wondering.
Beccalicious Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012   Writer
You are yes! I will check it out because I don't think everyone has been added yet and now we're into September of course it needs to happen :D
BloodrainFireDawn Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012   Writer
I've gotten the invite and accepted it now. Thanks. :aww:
WDWParksGal Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012
Added to the Literature section in the weekly article collection at #DevNews ~ the collection will be posted later today, August 24th :aww:
mirz-alt Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012   General Artist
Sent a note.
mirz-alt Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012   General Artist
I would be willing to do an article on focusing on self ePublishing. I honestly don't have a lot of experience in regular publishing. Though I have had family members self-publishing in hard copy form and could talk comparatively.
thorns Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012   Writer
Psst, can we reserve the last day for something on spoken lit, please? :eager:
GalaxyGoddess Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I am greatly considering doing this, I even know the topic I'd pick (erotica in literature). I'm a little intimidated though. My topic is something I'm particularly familiar with, but I'm no expert :O_o: That's ok right?
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