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Submitted on
March 11, 2013
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PE: Two Forms, One Theme Contest!

Mon Mar 11, 2013, 12:55 PM

:new: Just a reminder there is only ONE day left to submit your poems! Entries are collecting fast so please ensure it is submitted in time if you'd like to be in with a chance! The prizes are FABULOUS so why wouldn't you? :D

Hello all!

I hope you all enjoyed our PE week on Poetry Forms! Before I begin divulging our grand finale of the week, I want to share my since thanks to everyone who wrote an article, supported, helped organise and got involved with this week, you guys are really awesome! :heart:

And since we’ve got such a nice collection of articles, it would be naughty of us to now ignore them! To celebrate poetry forms week, we have a contest for you!


The contest challenge is simple: Write two poems of the same theme, but use two different fixed forms.

Things to consider before writing your poems

:bulletgreen: Do your research into the forms, especially if they’re new to you. Check out the articles that have been written this week or try that wonderful device known as Google. Read some existing versions of the form too!

:bulletgreen: Remember some forms have content rules too- a Scifaku for example usually has themes of science fiction and fantasy, whereas a Ghazal has themes of unattainable love. If you picked two with conflicting themes, consider how you would draw them back together?

:bulletgreen: Consider the aesthetics in your decision. For example two very similar forms like a Haiku and Tanka, would not be as interesting as a haibun and a sonnet.


:bulletred: The two forms you select must be different (i.e. don’t write 2 sestinas)
:bulletred: The two poems must be presented in the same deviation.
:bulletred: The two forms you select MUST BE STATED in your Artists comments.
:bulletred: Only one of the two forms can be minimalistic (i.e. A Haiku or limerick- any form less than 10 lines).
:bulletred: No self-made forms, please stick to the more traditional/contemporary forms. 
:bulletred: Free Verse is not permitted- sorry!
:bulletred: All poems must be new!
:bulletred: Please submit your entry via note to Beccalicious, who will be putting them in a spangled shiny folder!

WARNING: People who do not read this rules and apply them will be disqualified.


:iconbeccalicious: :icontiganusi: :iconnichrysalis: :icontheskaboss:

Judging will be following the "Memnalar" approach, and you will be judged in the following:

:bulletblue: Technical adaptation of the forms used.
:bulletblue: Originality and content
:bulletblue: Aesthetics between form choices.
:bulletblue: Overall presentation


What’s a contest without prizes? We have some wonderful prizes up for grabs!

:trophy: First place will receive:

$20 USD worth of wishlist swag from Memnalar
1000 Points
A Wishlist Print from Beccalicious
A custom made Lit Tag by nycterent
A free design commission (avatar, icon or book cover design for the winner or a person of their choice) by rkirkland
Journal Features from: DrippingWords, tiganusi, RiseandBe, PoeticalCondition, HaveTales-WillTell, IrrevocableFateSadisticIceCream Dr-Vergissmeinnicht
Critique from tiganusi, neurotypeParsat

:star: Second place will receive:
3 Month Subscription from wreckling
750 Points
A Wishlist Print from Beccalicious
Journal Features from: DrippingWords, tiganusi, RiseandBe, PoeticalCondition, HaveTales-WillTellIrrevocableFateSadisticIceCream
Critique from ShadowedAcolyte CailinLiath, Parsat

:star: Third place will receive
A Wishlist Print from Beccalicious
500 Points
Journal Features from: DrippingWords, tiganusi, RiseandBe, PoeticalCondition,HaveTales-WillTellIrrevocableFateSadisticIceCream:devNobleQueenOfLothaire
Critique from ShadowedAcolyteParsat

:star: Honourable mentions (between 3-5 people depending on results) will receive:
100 points each
Journal Features from: DrippingWords, tiganusi, RiseandBe, PoeticalCondition,HaveTales-WillTell, IrrevocableFate, SadisticIceCream:devNobleQueenOfLothaire

There will also be bonus participation points, amount depending on entry volume and total points

:star:"Theskaboss trophy of assonance"!
TheSkaBoss will be giving a present specifically to the person whose entry has the best assonance. This may not necessarily be the winner, but an individual selected by TheSkaBoss herself!

:bulletorange: Special thanks to our wonderful points donators: Beccalicious, SRSmith, ThornyEnglishRose, thorns, LadyofGaerdon, CailinLiath, :devfutlititarian:, HtBlack, TOMCAVANAUGH, HaveTales-WillTell, LadyLincoln, GrimFace242, lost-angle, thetaoofchaos, moyanII

Any additional prizes muchly welcome!


The contest will end on Monday 25th March, Midnight GMT, giving you two weeks to get your submission together. Pieces will be reviewed by the judges and the results will be announced a week later on the 1st April.

I have a question!

Feel free to ask in this journal, or send Beccalicious or CRLiterature a note!

PE: Poetry Forms- An A-Z An A-Z of Poetry Forms!
To kick start this week at projecteducate, we're starting off with a slightly lighter-hearted article listing just some of the poetic forms that exist out there. Lets be honest, there are hundreds and we can't list every single one. This is just a slice of the forms out there and if you are wishing to expand your understanding of different forms, do some research and don't take this as gospel!
Each form has a direct link to a site that describes the form in more detail, usually with examples too. I have also included some good examples from dA when I have found them.
Yes some of these link to wikipedia!
ABC- A poem where each word, line or stanza starts with the next continuous letter of the alphabet. Also known as an "Abcedarian"



 photo hogwartsstyle_zpsbc8b86e9.gif

:bulletblue: Not interested in poetry writing? How about checking out this rather splendid article and contest that ShadowedAcolyte is running :bucktooth:

A poetry contest based on form poetry!
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SurrealCachinnation Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013   Writer
I found out about this too late! I might try combining two forms sometime, anyway. Just for fun. Next month is poetry month, after all... Can't wait to see the winners! Some folks I follow had some kickass submissions :la:
vespera Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Finishing mine tonighttttttt! :D
Beccalicious Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013   Writer
2 hours!
girbide Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013
i like u r art
thecrazymagnet Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013   Writer
When you say poems must be new, does that mean "written since the beginning of the contest" or "written specifically for the contest"? Yesterday I finished a sestina for another contest, but I was thinking of writing a partner for it and submitting to this as well. Is that acceptable or do I need to start fresh?
Beccalicious Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013   Writer
That is acceptable yes if you feel you can complete the task required :)
thecrazymagnet Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013   Writer
I hope I can! Thank you :)
AppolinaryI Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013
Only in English, right?:С
Beccalicious Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013   Writer
There's no rule about language choice- but remember the judges may not speak other languages so choosing something other than English may put you at a disadvantage!
AppolinaryI Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013
I can right a lot in Russian...
tell me please, is it sensitive?:с
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